Hothouse is available to rent for any occasion throughout the year, for tourists and locals alike. We offer sliding scale pricing based on context, usage, and location – starting from a minimum of $300. Please contact us at hothousesauna (at) gmail (dot) com — include information on desired dates, times/duration of use, number of people, and context/occasion.



Enhance your Hothouse experience by adding additional on-site services such as catering, private yoga, massages and other healing/relaxation work. 



Our goal is to make Hothouse accessible to folks, which is why our version of remuneration is based on a sliding scale model. Typically, a sliding scale model sets variable fees for products and services based on the customer or client’s ability to pay. In the case of private rentals, our intention is to work with clients to land on a quote that also takes the context of the rental into consideration.


We are committed to creating increasingly accessible sauna experiences. This means that we are actively growing in our awarenesses of different access needs. We are looking forward to making changes and modifications to our space and how we work. For full accessibility details, please reach out to us with any questions, feedback and/or suggestions.


We want to make Hothouse inclusive to families! Please let us know the age range of your littles – we will put together an age-appropriate activity box so they can play in the lounge area (supervised) while the grown ups take a sauna.