Sauna & Lounge in Prince Edward County

As an elegant, off-grid operation, Hothouse Sauna and Lounge caters to the PEC community, inviting clients to move through a cycle of heat, hydrate, and relax with a traditional hot-rock sauna, splash sink, and solarium-style lounge. Some benefits of sauna use are stress reduction, hormonal balance, healthy circulation and cardiovascular performance, mental health, immunity support, weight loss, muscle and joint pain, sleep and fatigue, detoxification, lowered risks of dementia and alzheimers, and skin vitality. 

Hothouse is available through private bookings and public events. We offer a fully integrated experience for those who are looking to enjoy the many benefits of heat-based healing and relaxation. There are two ways you can enjoy Hothouse: rent it privately for individual/group use, or use it for an allotted period of time at one of our public events. 


Before using Hothouse:

  • Standard swimwear is required during public sauna hours. Clothing is optional during private rentals, but always have a towel between your body and any surface. We will provide you with one towel, but you are welcome to bring a second for later use.
  • Bring your own slippers/sandals and a water vessel.
  • We recommend that you wash your body and hair before using the sauna, for hygienic reasons and also to gain the full benefits of sweating. You are welcome to use our shower, but it is cold water and limited in volume.
  • Bring minimal personal items, as our lockers are quite small.
  • We recommend that you do not consume alcohol or eat either too light or too heavy.
  • If you are ill, pregnant, or have a heart condition, we do not recommend sauna use. Please consult with your doctor.
  • Children are welcome with prior consultation and constant supervision.

While using Hothouse:

  • Always sit on a towel.
  • Refrain use of phones and technology.
  • During public use, the sauna is meant to be a quiet space with limited conversation. The lounge area can be either energetic or introspective, depending on the clientele and flow. We will have reading materials for you to peruse.
  • The hot-cold cycle is an important part of the Hothouse experience and has immense health and wellness benefits. We recommend 10-20 minutes of heat followed by 5-20 minutes of cooling down, whether that is in the lounge or in combination with a splash of water.
  • First and foremost, listen to your body and drink lots of water!

After using Hothouse:

  • Take it easy, refrain from intense physical or mental activity, and do what feels right in your body!



The hot rock system is propane-powered and the electricity is battery-powered, which can last for up to 24 hours before required a recharge. The sauna itself is made of Ontario white cedar. It is 7x7 feet, allowing a maximum of eight people at a time. The adjoining lounge area is 12x8 feet and will house a water source, lockers, and two long benches for relaxation. Scroll down for info on accessibility.


Our team is our family. Spencer is a sustainable architecture graduate and carpenter who worked on high end custom homes in Portland, Oregon. Kamee is an artist, producer, educator, and community organizer. They are married, and this is one of their many collaborations – including restoring homes and taking care of their toddler, cat, and many plants. The ideation, aesthetic, and philosophy of Hothouse has been majorly influenced by our respective cultural histories and experiences. The textures and practices that clients will experience in Hothouse are directly pulled from our cultural knowledge and backgrounds. Kamee’s ancestors are Armenians from lands currently situated in Turkey, where there is a long history of heat-based healing practices known as hammams. Spencer has a Norwegian lineage, who are also well known for integrating saunas into their cultural-community lifestyles.


Our goal is to make Hothouse accessible to folks, which is why our version of remuneration is based on a sliding scale model. Typically, a sliding scale model sets variable fees for products and services based on the customer or client’s ability to pay. Please check out our public and private pages for more info on how this works.



We are committed to creating increasingly accessible sauna experiences. This means that we are actively growing in our awarenesses of different access needs. We are looking forward to making changes and modifications to our space and how we work. For full accessibility details, please reach out to us with any questions, feedback and/or suggestions.



We want to make Hothouse inclusive to families! We try to keep an activity box on hand so littles can play in the lounge area (supervised) while the grown ups take a sauna. If you’re booking Hothouse privately, let us know the age of your littles and we can put together something age-appropriate.