a mobile sauna & lounge experience that caters to the Prince Edward County community on a sliding scale

As an elegant, off-grid operation, Hothouse Mobile Sauna and Lounge caters to the PEC community, inviting clients to move through a cycle of heat, hydrate, and relax with a traditional hot-rock sauna, splash sink, and solarium-style lounge. Some benefits of sauna use are stress reduction, hormonal balance, healthy circulation and cardiovascular performance, mental health, immunity support, weight loss, muscle and joint pain, sleep and fatigue, detoxification, lowered risks of dementia and alzheimers, and skin vitality. 

Hothouse is available through private rentals and social experiences. We offer a fully integrated experience for those who are looking to enjoy the many benefits of heat-based healing and relaxation. There are two ways you can enjoy Hothouse: rent it privately for individual/group use, or use it for an allotted period of time at one of our public residencies. We can either bring it to you, or you can come to our home-base.


Hothouse is available through public residencies and special events year-round, made possible through local partnerships with businesses and venues.


Hothouse is available to rent for any occasion throughout the year, for tourists and locals alike. Fill out a booking inquiry form or reach out for quotes.


exclusively for Prince Edward County businesses

If you’re a local business owner and want to partner up with us, you’ll get an all-access pass to use Hothouse for free at any public event and anytime it’s parked at our home-base in Sophiasburgh. Partnering up with us can look like hosting us at your business for public use on a regular basis, or helping us book private rentals. Reach out for more info!


available for a limited time

Generally, public use fees are structured on a sliding scale – between $15-25 per use. Buy prepaid passes in advance at the lower rate of our scale ($15) and use at public Hothouse events throughout the County, or anytime its stationed at our home-base in Sophiasburgh. Minimum purchase of 5 passes.
Reach out for more info!


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