Sauna & Wellness in Prince Edward County

PEC Spa Sauna Experience: As an elegant, off-grid operation, Hothouse Sauna and Lounge caters to the PEC community, inviting clients to move through a cycle of heat, hydrate, and relax with a traditional hot-rock sauna, splash sink, and solarium-style lounge. Some benefits of sauna use are stress reduction, hormonal balance, healthy circulation and cardiovascular performance, mental health, immunity support, weight loss, muscle and joint pain, sleep and fatigue, detoxification, lowered risks of dementia and alzheimers, and skin vitality. 

Hothouse is available through private bookings and public events. We offer a fully integrated experience for those who are looking to enjoy the many benefits of heat-based healing and relaxation. There are two ways you can enjoy Hothouse: rent it privately for individual/group use, or use it for an allotted period of time at one of our public events.




349 Wellington Main St


hothousesauna (at) gmail (dot) com    |    416 254 2995